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Finnish language by skype

Anastasia Kiriakova suomen.opettajat@gmail.com

Courses and prices
CoursePrice per 60 minutes €
In person:Remote:
Finnish language 2522
English language for native Russain speakers2120
Russian language for native Russain speakers2120
Russian language for foreigners 2522


Courses are held in English Флаг Великобритании and Russian Флаг России


St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philology, Bachelog of linguistics in Finnish Language (2016).

Anastasia is a professional Finnish language teacher capable of explaning sophisticated grammar structures without using «Finns just say so» explanation.

Studied Finnish in University of Tampere (Finnish), School of education, School of language, translation and literary studies (exchange program in 2015).

Studied Finnish Tampereen yliopisto Suomen kielen kesäkurssit, Suomen kieli (Finnish language course in 2014).

Private teacher since 2014.

In 2017 successfully passed YKI test in Finnish at highest grade Ylin Taso


Email to suomen.opettajat@gmail.com

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