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English Conditional

Нулевой и первый типы. Со школы помню фразу «После if нельзя will» а оказывается можно.

Второй и третий типы.

0Present SimplePresent SimpleIf you heat water to 100 °С it boils.
If something can go wrong it goes wrong.
If you do not expect guests they certainly come.

Определённые условия приводят к одному и тому же результату.
1Present SimpleFuture Simple If goverment allocates sufficient found, the flight to Mars will take place.
If the international space exploration council continues to work as efficiently as that we will make a great number of discoveries.
If I see him tonight I will tell him the truth.
As soon as you are ready, we will depart.

Реальная возможность наступления события в будущем.
2Past Simple (Continuous)Should (Would) + Inf без to If I were you, I would discuss this question with your boss.
If I won one million in a lottery, I would buy a Ferrari.
She would be happy if she were invited to the party.
He would not help me if I asked him.

Условие наступления события, которое, скорее всего, не произойдёт.
3Past PerfectWould + have + ⅢФ If I had chosen a different profession, I would have become an entrepreneur.
If you had warned me about the danger, I would not have participated in this competition.
If I had known about your disease I would have visited you at the hospital.

Условие наступления события, которое уже точно не наступило.

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