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LaTeX Manual

1 𝌆𝌆𝌆 General Design
2 📈📊 Images in LaTeX
3 📰📰 Tables in LaTeX
4 📏📐 Aligning text in LaTeX
5 ∜⅘ Equations in LaTeX
6 💻💻 How to Compile LaTeX
7 ∏∑ Мath Symbols in LaTeX
8 ΨΩ Greek Symbols in LaTeX
9 №№ Pages Numbering in LaTeX
10 Convert LaTeX to Word
11 Examples
12 📚📖 LaTeX Literature
13 LaTeX Manuals
14 FAQ
15 📱🎥 Videolessons LaTeX

Long Story Here


Install WinEdt + MikTex

or install Texmaker

Keep in mind that trial period of WidEdt is only 30 days so try to work fast. Create a file in WinEdt search for TeX in top menu and chose LaTeX there (or press Ctrl + Shift + L)

You will get a .dvi file and if you need to convert it to .pdf - click dvi - pdf

As an option you can compile directrly to .pdf with the button PDF LaTeX , but this is not the method I normally use.

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General Design

Every document starts with the document type declaration (e. g. article), font size and other attributes.

Then you need to add differect packages, because it will be almost impossible to do anything without them.
- sets the encoding
- connects languages
- connects math package
- math fonts
- graphics
- colour text, I guess
- allows you to write text, that will be interpreted literally (including several successive spaces)
- defines the new function - instead of writing \begin{equation} you can just write \be
- same for the end tag \be
- encoding
- starts the document
\input titlepage
- inserts the title page, wich I usually write separately (due to pagination reasons) title page has to be in the same folder (file titlepage.tex). You do not have to write \documentclass and everything listed above in every document that you insert, according to LaTeX internal logics they are only pieces of text that you insert to the final document.
- inserts automatically generated table of contents. (every time, when you use tag \section, \subsection or \subsubsection a new chapter is generated and LaTeX memorizes it and then forms the table of contents)
- the first chapter will be "Introduction"
\subsection{Nuclear Enegry all over the World}
- sub-chapter of the first chapter
- end document

Tables and images may not appear in the correct place because they are following a specific LaTeX logic. In theory, you can force them in to the correct place with some of these parameters:

[h], [h!], [H]

This recommends LaTeX to put the floating object (picture, table or etc.) in the same place where it is in the code (I mean the relative order), [h] has weakest priority [H] has the highest. But [H] in my code is compiled as an error and the two others have almost no effect on positioning. This is why after inserting some images I have to insert tag


- that shows LaTeX that it is the end of the area where it can insert objects declared above. Tag


does not have this effect.

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How to insert an image in LaTeX

- do not forget to include graphics package
- include image. [h!] - states that we want the image to be in this place (it works not perfect, my advice is to write \clearpage)in this article chapter LaTeX Manuals you can find link to more specified descriptions on how to control the floating objects (images, tables)
- centering
- inserting image (image file pic1.eps is in the same folder , but you do not need to write eps. Images can be converted to eps with GIMP ,or with some online converters, like, thisand by other methods.
\caption{Age distribution of active nuclear power plants\cite{L1}} \label{fig:pic1}
- the name of the image and a link to it. If you need to make a reference to this image you have to write \ref{fig:pic1} ;\cite{L1} - the link to the first book in the table of contents.

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How to insert a Table in LaTeX

Best description that I found was in Rozhenko. «The art of LaTeX»

- this tag starts declaring the table
\caption{Table Name\cite{L1}}
- table name and a link to the source
- anchor, that you can use later to make references to
- table itself will start after this tag; three columns, centered
- draws horizontal line
Country & Number of NPP & Powr (MW (el)) \\ \hline- the first row
Argentina & 1 & 692 \\ \hline- the second row
- ends table
- ends table declaration

Table, that is declared with


can use too much space and becomes too wide to fit the monitor, to avoid it fix the width of the rows, instead of simple centering:


In this case, text which is too wide will be automatically transferred to the next line inside the row.

There is a button in WinEdt 6.0 that can insert a table with a set amount of columns and rows. However, it is necessary to use tags

\begin{table} \caption{Table Name} \label{tab:1}



To merge columns you can use tag


- where {2} - is the number of columns, that you want to merge {|c|} - centering

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How to align text in LaTeX

If you need to have to align text in a title page or somewhere else and there is no declared way how to do it tag alltt can be usefull

\begin{alltt} and \end{alltt}

Inside these tags the text will look almost the same as the code i.e. spaces will not be ignored.

        Doctor, Professor O. Bohr
        Doctor, Professor N. Basov

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Equations in LaTeX

There are two standart environments for equations in LaTeX: The First and The Second

If you do not plan to refer to the equation in the future, you just need to put the dollar symbols $ $ , and write the equation inside:

$ A = 3B$

This simple formula, can be written in this environment, but e.g. if you want to use indexes you need a more sophisticated environment.

To make LaTeX enumerate the equation (automatically) you need to use the following environment

\begin{equation} Your equation \end{equation}

In this environment you can use \label{} to set labels.

If your formula uses several rows, then you need to modify the environment with:

\begin{multline} Your equation \end{multline}

You need to write your own equation instead of "Your equation" above. Below you can find instructions on how to create it:

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Compiling LaTeX

In WinEdt search for TeX in topmenu and then choose LaTeX or press

Ctrl + Shift + L

As an output we get .dvi file and whenever we want to convert it to pdf we can click dvi - pdf button

As an option you can convert directly to .pdf by using PDF LaTeX button , but I never considered this methond as a first option.

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Basic Math and Symbols in LaTeX

Here are math operations and symbols that I used in my thesis.

^{235}Scripts that are longer than one symbol are to be place in figure brackets
Fraction: numerator in the left brackets, denominator in the right
Omission points
Rightwards Arrow
Dot above
Big Sum symbol
Big Product symbol

To create PDF file you need to clic dvi pdf button. To be on the safe side, compile document twice before converting to help LaTeX set all references in order.

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Greek alphabet in LaTeX

NameLaTeX code FormLaTeX code CapitalForm
Greek Alpha\alpha
Greek Beta\beta
Greek Gamma \gamma
дельта \delta
эпсилон \epsilon
дзета (зита) \zeta
эта (ита) \eta
тета (фита) \theta
йота \iota
каппа \kappa
Greek Lambda \lambda
мю (ми) \mu
Greek Nu \nu
кси \xi
омикрон \omicron
пи \pi
ро \rho
Greek Sigma \sigma
тау (тав) \tau
ипсилон \upsilon
Greek Phi \phi
хи \chi
пси \psi
омега \omeg

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Pagination in LaTeX

If you are not satisfied with the default pagination, you can set the page number with


command, where n - is the page number, that you want to set.

When you do not plan to display the page number (e.g. page number "0") you can use the



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How to convert LaTeX to Word

I have read about a wide variety of methods and have tried several. Now I will describe the method which worked best.

First convert .tex file to .pdf

Download and install SolidConverter (do not forget to pay for it)

Convert .pdf to .docx

I have managed to do it in Windows 7 and a quite strange version of Office 10.

Within Windows XP, Office 2007, also a strange version, it also worked, but the equations were not displayed very well. I did not check XP with Office 10.

Method of Maxim Nikolaevich (my images were not transfered)

1) Install Word (he had 2007)
2) Install Mathtype
3) Install GrindEq
4) To crack, copy files (from download folders) to the folder with installed components. (I recommend to buy the license and not to use his method)
5) Open tex document in Word.
6) Convert.

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Examples LaTeX

Check LaTeX Thesis Titlepage ExampleHERE

Download example, unfortunately it is not the final version.

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LaTeX Literature:

1)Роженко А.И. Искусство верстки в LaTeX rutracker.org
2)Львовский С.М. Набор и вестка в LaTeX rutracker.org
3)Балдин Е.М. Компьютерная типография LaTeX rutracker.org
4)Беляков Н.С. Тех для всех rutracker.org

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LaTeX Manuals:

Wiki English Русский

Very usefull reference book on symbols

Good articles on mydebianblog:
Tables (rus)
Обзор редакторов
Floating objects (rus)

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Max suggested:

To add chapter LaTeX inLinux.

1) Connect to internet.
2) Open console.
3) Install texlive - it is a LaTeX distributive, analog of miktex.
Type: sudo apt-get install texlive-full (it will install the whole package)
4) Install the editor - texmaker - analog of winedt.
Type: sudo apt-get install texmaker
5) Start texmaker
6) Creat the new file and save it under random name.
7) Star writing the LaTeX code
8) Compile - press F1 button.
9) Get ready to read .pdf document.

LaTeX FAQ: possible problems and their solutions

LaTeX does not recognise .eps images

Most likely, after the compilation to LaTeX (Shift + Ctrl + L) instead of clicking to dvi-pdf you clickPDF LaTeX - so, just click the correct button =) because PDF LaTeX is another type of compilation. It won't recognise .eps without additional instructions. So you need to install epstopdf package. epstopdf пакет.

LaTeX Video Lessons

You can find video tutorials HERE


Utility to convert LaTeX to HTML code read

1 𝌆𝌆𝌆 General Design
2 📈📊 Images in LaTeX
3 📰📰 Tables in LaTeX
4 📏📐 Aligning text in LaTeX
5 ∜⅘ Equations in LaTeX
6 💻💻 How to Compile LaTeX
7 ∏∑ Мath Symbols in LaTeX
8 ΨΩ Greek Symbols in LaTeX
9 №№ Pages Numbering in LaTeX
10 Convert LaTeX to Word
11 Examples
12 📚📖 LaTeX Literature
13 LaTeX Manuals
14 FAQ
15 📱🎥 Videolessons LaTeX

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